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Making Gluten-Free Pho

Making Gluten-Free Pho

Making gluten-free pho is actually very easy as the dish is naturally gluten-free based on the usual ingredients. In other words, traditional pho recipes don’t call for wheat or other gluten-containing ingredients anyway. So you’ll find that most of our pho recipes here are gluten-free.

Even so, there are a few gluten-related points I wanted to make to help anyone who is looking to make gluten-free pho. I personally do have Celiac disease, so I am very familiar with the whole gluten thing.

First of all, you have to make sure you are using rice noodles (skinny vermicelli or the wider style) for your pho. Normally, it would be perfectly fine to swap out the pasta for a ramen-style noodle if that is what you have, but you need to keep your pasta choice wheat-free. Even if you don’t want the typical Asian rice noodle, it has to be gluten-free.

Next, you have to watch your boxed broth. If you are making a traditional or “old-school” type of pho where you simmer meat and spices for the broth, this won’t matter so much. But many varieties of boxed broths (beef, chicken, vegetable, mushroom or even the newer pho varieties) can all contain gluten. Check the labels. It’s not that hard to find brands with no gluten, but you do need to check.

Lastly, your gluten-free pho must also avoid traditionally brewed soy sauce. Most pho recipes don’t actually call for soy sauce, but if you are getting creative with new tastes or like to serve it on the garnish tray, you have to use a gluten-free variety.

So, no actual gluten-free pho recipe because it’s not necessary. Just keep your eyes open and watch ingredients, and you can make any kind of pho you want.